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Alex Polinsky

Alexander Polinsky is an Actor, Director, Writer, Singer, and visual artist who grew up in the heart of Hollywood and began auditioning and working in the industry at the tender age of 9. Alex quickly succeeded at booking numerous commercials and stage plays. Then, at age 11, he was cast as Adam Powell on the popular sitcom “Charles in Charge” and had a successful 5 year 136 episode run. Alex went on to do award winning independent films, TV shows, and has established himself as a highly sought after voice artist in many animated films and series. He just completed work on an animated feature starring John Goodman, and another with Liam Neeson and Steve Buscemi. Fulfilling a childhood dream of being in the circus Alex has performed with the international circus troupe Cirque Du Soleil as a featured clown, and is continuing with local troupe Lucent Dossier. “Even being a kid actor on a hit show, I still wanted to run away with the circus when I was 11 years old. As performers we want things, yearn for things, and even if it takes 25 years……What a pay off!!” Alex credits some of his early successes to his father’s patience, directness, and creative input.

“Watching my dad onstage was a great way to learn the craft as I was growing up.  He would conjure all kinds of emotions  and use the “silence” of a theatre to resonate a turn of phrase that gave me goosebumps. I always enjoyed watching him perform and knew that if he could do it, I could do it too! The constant family support and confidence that came with that inspired me to pursue being a full time artist. Art, in all of its forms, has permeated my life. For me, making art is a kind of mania or addiction. I must do it; there is no other option. For people with a passion to create, it is a quest. A mission without end. My mission is to save the world by creating and facilitating great art, and fostering the talents and confidence of my fellow artists.”


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