Integrative Arts Studio


I.A.S. presents a multidisciplinary class that blends traditional acting/performing techniques with movement, improv, scene study, cold reading, TV, film acting, and many other disciplines drawn from a wide variety of teaching methods.

Our approach is in consideration of the artist’s journey, mindset, and the transformation that happens whenever great art is made.

This program is a unique opportunity to radically express yourself.

Artists are the movers and shapers of our culture, the creators and keepers of drama, fantasy, satire, and comedy. We are the innovators of human art. We discover, uncover, and share the intricacies and depths of human emotions with each heart-pounding performance. We are endowed with the ability to communicate and illuminate -an awe inspiring challenge, a sacred duty, an obsession, a purpose in life. In this light, we’ve committed ourselves to being the best we can be with no compromises or excuses.

“The curtain is up!

Who are you?

Say it.

Love it.

“I am an artist.”

Onward to the adventure!”

– Thursday Nights –

I.A.S. – Integrative Arts Studio
At the Neon Venus Theatre in Hollywood

with Alexander Polinsky


7023 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

For information on attending or auditing the class, please e-mail Alex Polinsky:

or call Alex directly:

Cell (818) 395-2462